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Tiger Press
Used for pressing glued soles and heels
Comes with compressor
Two air lines for brad, nail or staple guns.

£350 +VAT

Rekord 2000
Bench top key cutting machine

£575 +VAT

Bench top Tibbe key cutting machine
for Ford / Jaguar keys

£200 +VAT

Lancer Plus is a cutting machine for bit, double bit pin, pipe and mail box keys.
Used to cut Mortice & Safe keys
Able to cut side & bullet wards
Versatile jaws and carriage
All sides of the key can be cut without removing it
Unique action allows rounding of cuts

£725 +VAT

Work station with a Small Flash Activator, built for repair applications. The device is fitted with a 20-second timed boost facility for measured heat activation.
"HICA " = High Intensity Cement Activator.

£225 +VAT

Insole stitcher / Sewing machines
Used by cobblers
To stitch the insoles of shoes and boots

£1000 +VAT

Outsole stitching machine
Used by cobblers to repair shoes
Or to manufacture new shoes.
Attaches the upper to the sole

£1850 +VAT

This machine is designed for the manufacture and repair of footwear
Has Naumkeag, scouring bands, breaster and buffing wheels
Ideal for a medium size cobblers / shoe repair business.

£600 +VAT

This machine comes complete with head, motor, stand, table and cotton stand.
Ideal for light, medium & heavy work with fabrics such as cotton, leather, silk, voil, synthetics plus more.
Recommended for tailoring, home alterations, dry cleaners & curtain makers.

£150 +VAT

Brother Lockstitch Buttonhole Machine Industrial Sewing Machine
Best Quality On The Market At This Price. Made In Japan
This Machine Comes Complete With Head, Motor, Wheel Stand, Table And Cotton Stand
This Machine Is Ideal For Light, Medium & Heavyweight Fabrics
Adjustable Button Hole Size
Popular Machine Used By Tailors, Designers, Students, Commercial Users and Curtain Makers

£1000 +VAT

Singer 96K44 Lock Stitch Sewing Machine
A versatile sewing machine
ideal for general sewing

£130 +VAT

Industrial Overlocker
Ideal for making clothes, curtains, etc
4 Thread
Comes on sturdy table
230v (normal plug)

£250 +VAT

Brother 931 (Heavy Duty) Blind Hemmer / Felling Industrial Sewing Machine
This machine comes complete with head, motor, stand, table.
This Blind Hemmer is great for turning up fabrics where a near on invisible stitch on one side of the fabric is required.
This Blind Hemmer is ideal for :- Tailors, Clothes Alterations, Dry Cleaners, Curtain Makers
Adjustable Stitch Length: 3.2mm - 8.5mm
Presser Foot Height: 10mm

£200 +VAT

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