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Job lot of interlocking board floor.
All in good condition with light use
Approx. 878 sq meters of 8ft x 4ft boards including a small number of 7ft x 4ft
6no. 4ft x 4.5ft boards
6no. 4ft x 5ft 3” boards

£6800 £5508 +VAT ono

We have a 20x Aluminium Bar poseur tables that are brilliant for easy transport and storage.
Disassembled into 3 parts they will take up significantly less room in a van or lorry than the equivalents.

£45 £30 +VAT ono each

| Quantity: 20
Job lot of assorted linings
Sold as seen, various condition
Bags included
Roofs and walls
3m, 6m, 9m, 10m, 12m and 15m

£1500 £1000 +VAT

HYCO Sun Prince Quartz Heater
15 x available, mix of double and single
Single 1.5kw, Double 3kw
Product: SP1500HL/SP300HL
All with 16amp cables

£50 £40 +VAT each

| Quantity: 15
HYCO Weatherproof IP55 Heater
Product: SK1500
All with 16amp cables

£40 £30 +VAT each

| Quantity: 40
Robus Display Lights 70w, Surface Projector White Halide RD70S
Comes in pairs, 2 pairs per box, 15 boxes available
All with 16amp cables

£25 £22.50 +VAT each

| Quantity: 30
25no. 5m x 3m Clear Panoramic Window Walls – B-grade

Zips up either side with straps at top to hold rolled up window in place

£120 +VAT each

| Quantity: 25

£10 Per SqM each

| Quantity: 348
PVC Bags
Various sizes available
Minimum order of 10 per sale
7 pallets in total

£10 +VAT each

| Quantity: 100
Sale of assorted marquee risers

Price includes 2 x cage stillages

£50 +VAT

Job Lot of IP65 floodlights
Pat Tested 01/03/2023
Sold as seen
9 Lights
£5 each Or £45 for all 9

£5 +VAT each

| Quantity: 9
Walls 3m Pagoda White PVC Wall 12 @ £40
6m Pagoda White PVC Wall 4 @ £100
Roofs 5m Pagoda Opaque White PVC Roof 3 @ £380
6m Pagoda Opaque White PVC Roof 1 @ £450

From £40 +VAT each

| Quantity: 20
5m bay walls 10m, 15m, 20m, 25m Span Roofs and Gables All B grade or below
Discounts for quantities

From £95 +VAT each

| Quantity: 46
3m walls 9m Roofs Discount for larger orders. Click for quantities and prices.

From £49 +VAT each

| Quantity: 82
3m and 6m Gables +Roofs Click for quantities and prices

From £55 +VAT each

| Quantity: 43
We have a 2x 20m clear gables apex style for sale.
Manufactured by Custom Covers in 2019 with White CQ 650 Lowick PVC and Clear (0.5mm) PVC
Used once!

£1500 £1350 +VAT

Can be used as water weights for marquees (when full) will give you 1000kg of ballast.
Can be moved by hand when empty.
IBCs (Intermediate Bulk Containers) also known as tote tanks, can be used to store a wide range of hazardous and non hazardous materials and liquids. Available in 2 types IBCs are strong, stackable and easy to transport.
IBCs make ideal bulk weights for the HGV Laden Testing regulations, and are also used as general water storage tanks for car valeting, or for Marquee weights.

£90 £81 +VAT ono each

| Quantity: 104
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